May 21: SOBO Porsches and Coffee Report

After a lengthy rain on Saturday, I was a bit surprised that Sweet Berry’s grassy field was not soggy. Rosemary and I got there about 9 AM to make sure the grassy field was OK for parking the cars and inform some of the regulars that the lawn was open for parking. The sun broke thru around 10 AM and made for a very pleasant morning. 

Shamous and Esly Ellinwood were early arrivals in their gleaming White 2014 Boxster S. With a Black interior;  the white gauges really stood out.  Options include Eibach lowering springs and 19” Wheel Dynamic rims. The couple are also owners of a 97 Cab and a 2014 Macan; they previously owned a couple of other Porsches.  Shamous does some light work himself and defers the more complex stuff to German Motors. What’s to like about Porsches , “it’s the German engineering”.

A true eye catcher was Jamie Barnes’s Aubergine (a purple hue) 1974 Targa.  Restored interior, exterior, and engine,  Jamie is the third owner of this car from Indiana.  This is her first Porsche purchased from a good friend.  The car is maintained by Jerry Pellegrino.  Jamie is most fortunate in choosing this fine restored Targa classic.  She relishes driving  the Targa with the top off ,with the heater during the cool weather.   

 Bengt Perrssol arrived in his literally untouched Slate Grey 1962 356 Notch Back.  A California car; he purchased it in 2017.  He has the car’s tax receipts until 1974. He purchased the Porsche from Paul Russel in Essex, MA.  It has about 65k miles and the body is straight  and the doors don’t sag.  I think he has it serviced by, Andrew Fung in, Warren RI.  Bengt is a long time Porsche guy previously owning about 15 Porsches.  I did suggest  that he replace all the external rubber so the car does not deteriorate further.

Matt Goldsmith parked his very clean Ivory 1958 356 A (with a 356 C) engine and , I commented that I liked the magnesium racing rims.. A California car that came to Rhode Island in 2021.  Matt has owned numerous Porsche and this one, with the red interior,  (to me) is a keeper.  Although we didn’t discuss specifics, Matt said that it has Outlaw attributes.

Paul and Joanne Whooten entered the field driving his recent purchase, a White 2011 Turbo S with just 43k miles showing on the odometer.  Paul is the third owner of this car and this Porsche  has three years left on the CPO. An after-market Tech Art exhaust seems to be the only change.  South Shore Autoworks does all the heavy lifting.  This Porsche couple also own a 2011 Cayenne and an award winner 1986 911 Turbo.  

 The next SoBo is scheduled for 4 June (10-Noon) at Sweet Berry Farm, 915 Mitchell’s Ln, Middletown, RI. The event as always is FREE, and no pre-registration is necessary. The only requirement to park on the grass is your Porsche. A Porsche logo sign should be in place directing you to the parking area.  Sweet Berry Farm is child friendly, encouraging small children to enjoy a working farm, so when entering and exiting, drive carefully. And, as always, for any SoBo related questions, please email me at:  [email protected]

Author: Roger Slocum