august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum-6 slant nose 911 turbo 930 turbo 935

Air Cooled And Caffeine Powered

On a beautiful – if slightly hot – day in August, the “SoBo” (South of Boston) arm of Northeast Region swarmed the Newport Car Museum in Portsmouth, RI. With over 100 attendees and over 70 cars, the museum let us know that we were the largest club group they have had the pleasure of hosting to date! Thanks to all who turned out to check it out and brought their phenomenal cars. This venue has a huge parking lot, huge interior areas for socialization, a great collection of cars, simulators so you can have some fun at the wheel, and some really great staff. Thank you, Newport Car Museum, for doing such a wonderful job hosting us!

We saw everything from a 356 Speedster to new Macans and Panameras – with 911 “outlaws”, 935’s, 930’s, 911’s, 964’s, 993’s, 996’s, 997’s, 991’s, Boxsters, Caymans, and just about everything in between! This was the place to be to see such a huge array of Porsche hardware. 

But the real attraction is always the people. It was a delight to be able to walk up to anyone and just start talking about their cars, the cars in front of them, or anything else. 

Special thanks to Roger Slocum and his wife, Rosemary, for being the ones to pull all this together!

Our next Sobo event is September 17th at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown. Come join us!

We also have the West-of-Boston Cars and Coffee this coming weekend on 8/19 in Northboro. And another one on the Cape the same day. The summer BBQ at Marcus and Dani’s house is next Sunday 8/20 as well. Mark your calendars!


august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum porsche events 911 boxster air-cooled
Porsches as far as the eye can see.


august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum 911 outlaw hot rod

august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum porsche events porsche 911

august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum porsche 356
David’s beautiful 356

august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum interior exhibit space

august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum racing simulators forza motorsport gaming


august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum porsche 356 speedster 997 targa 4
Speed and Speedster


august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum 911 targa

august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum 911 outlaw magnus walker hot rod

august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum stirling moss if under control not driving fast enough


august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum macan cayenne four door porsches

august-sobo-pca-ner-newport-car-museum porsche 964 porsche 911 outlaw