The Wrong Direction at Palmer

Palmer Clockwise – NER’s Second DE Event June 9-11

Ok, I’m a bum.  My car broke at Thompson and I wasn’t sure I would be ready for Palmer so I didn’t sign up at first.  By the time I knew I was OK my calendar had filled up (or “been filled” to be more accurate) so I could only go on Sunday.  Fortunately that turned out to be the best weather day – another perfect 70 degree and sunny day just like Thompson.  Then I got there and was really busy being slow.  I really don’t like the clockwise direction and – despite pedaling as fast as I dared – I was almost 4 seconds slower than my best going counter-clockwise.  No excuses and I still had a fun time chasing others and having some good rides as part of the check-out/advancement process.  I’ll do better at the second Palmer when we go CC.



So I didn’t take any pictures, didn’t get any good stories (well maybe one) and have no idea what happened on Friday or Saturday.  The pictures are courtesy of Melanie Randall, the text below is from Charlie Kenney and the advancement from Dave Berman…



Team, Another excellent event by this team at Palmer! Thank you!!!

All TC members contributed to a great event. Pre-event registrations, Tech, on the track, Instructor Development, in the classrooms
. [Note from author:  lots of classroom – even for instructors – it was nice and cool inside and someone I know fell asleep.]

Judi, Pam and Jen set a high bar for the social and dinner!!! You had me at Palm tree.

 And Social Media!!! and now our T-shirt’s are collectors items!

Shout out to all who researched and compiled and delivered the training materials and the classroom education! We are getting good feedback on our classes from all groups. Green to Red. This is a LOT of off hours work. It shows. Videos are making an impression!

Where would we be without Sally and Buzz managing Worker Assignments? The answer is ‘lost’.

Dave and Mike:  awesome job on management of the instructor cor
ps, the promotions and sign offs and the Mentoring.

We are seriously underpaid for the level of professionalism in this team!

Calabogie – ADAM SCHWARTZ makes a return as Track Chair and overall event manager. 
Please contact Adam for all questions on Calabogie and you are welcome to cc me.

Have fun in Canada for those going!  Charlie”



Placement in White (first time driving with us)

Dave Veracka

New Instructors: 

Jim Daley

Green to Yellow:

Bobby Lemieux

Alexis Regan

Yellow to Blue:

Ted Emerson

Blue to White:

Jason Loy

White to Black:

Kurt Drottar

Niket Anjaria

Christian Lesuisse

Final story:  Bad luck of the weekend award to Aaron Walker and good Samaritan award to Mike Woodward.  The story… Aaron tows his new (to him) GT3 to the track on Saturday with his Rivian pickup.  Throw out bearing goes south early in the day.  Rivian is out of charge so Aaron puts it on a charger near Palmer and takes an Uber home.  Drives back same day in second GT3 (who the hell has two GT3’s?  sometimes the world is not fair!).  Rivian is charged and Aaron uses it to bring home GT3 #1.  Aaron hooks a ride to track Sunday morning with Mike (who also is his instructor and a very brave soul).  In next to last run session GT3 #2 has a water hose split.  [More author note:  I was on the track at the same time, smelled anti-freeze and had a slight dance.  When I looked at video it became cloudy at that point and I had apparently run threw a cloud of mist despite the fact that Aaron was not immediately ahead of me.  Odd.] Aaron with help from Mike and Dave Berman wraps split hose with duct tape and zip ties and nurses it home while Mike follows with trailer (in case the wrap doesn’t hold plan is to take Mike’s car from trailer, put Aaron’s car in trailer and drive Mike’s car – which has a plate – home on the street). Aaron claims he got 20 miles per gallon of water which is better than his gas mileage. You can’t make this stuff up.


Fine German Engineering!