2023 Martha and Charlie Dow Rally

Another successful Dow Rally is history! Our decision to switch from Saturday to Sunday turned out well as we had a perfect early Fall day for our 25 cars (we lost a few due to the day switch and maybe we were competing with the Treehouse Cars and Coffee!). The Dow family was represented by Eric, Daryl and Hannah who not only competed buy helped with the set up and scoring.

The gimmick questions this year were particularly tricky and I was amazed that 3 rallyers got all 25 correct. (Example:  One question asked for the name of an airfield.  The airfield was for model airplanes and the very small sign announcing it was parallel rather than perpendicular to the road.) The three way tie required the winner to be determined by the “distance travelled” tie-break.

So the winner is…”Team Trouble” (Matthew  Disanzo and Adriana Cabrera).







Second place went to the “Haulin’ Halls” (Jen and Steve Hall – Jen who is on the NER DE social team and don’t forget to vote for Steve for Membership Chair).







The other team with a perfect score (but too many miles on the odometer) was Laura and Mike Dugas.

Honorable mention goes to Bob and Donna Metafora who, after 40 years of PCA membership, came to their first event and missed only one question.

The other contest this year was “Best Car Origin Story.”  As the cars were sent off every two minutes, rallyers had the opportunity to tell me how they came to own the car they were driving. There were some good ones!  A number of folks mentioned a pandemic inspiration (Jen Hall – “Therapy on Wheels”). One driver pointed to his navigator and said “The car is stolen and she’s the hostage.” But the trophy went to Rob Ruffin who told the elaborate tale of purchasing his European spec 911 from Tom Frisardi.

Many thanks to Minuteman Airfield in Stow for hosting us. And thanks to Anker berg-Sonne for all the heavy lifting, Matt Labovites for route planning and Dave Berman for clever question creation.