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porsche gt1 at gas station

GT1: Homologize This

There was once a time when "race car for the road" really meant something. The GT1 class in the mid-90's is when Porsche decided that taking a street car and modifying it for GT1 Class racing wasn't as efficien... Read More >>
718 storm troopers tasmania

Feel the Force

Is it true that George Lucas was inspired by his 718 when creating the iconic landspeeder in Star Wars? Perhaps not likely.  But there is a certain resemblance sometimes... ... Read More >>
german offroad masters cayenne rally raid

Down and Dirty

Spare the rod, spoil the...Cayenne? I'm not sure that's exactly what I was taught as a child. But it must have been similar because watching this Cayenne tackle mud and ruts and hills and rocks...even some great fun! It's funny that this is what pa... Read More >>
917 Rennsport Reunion V 2015

917 – Respect Your Elders

As a reflection on the recent visit from Brian Redman, it's interesting to look back on some of the racing technology of times past to appreciate it and be awed by it. "There's a huge amount of respect when mo... Read More >>