November 2021 Board Minutes

The November board meeting was held on November 10th at 6:00 PM via a video conference.

In attendance were:

  • Nick Shanny – President
  • Kristin Larson – Treasurer
  • Lisa Burke – VP Administration
  • Alan Davis – Secretary
  • Jerome Gangitano –VP Driving Events
  • Luis Rivera – VP Communications
  • Bill Seymour – Past President
  • Adam Schwartz – Track Chair
  • Stan Corbett – DE Registrar

Not in attendance:

  • Anker Berg-Sonne – VP Membership

The Board approved the monthly Treasurer’s Report and the October Meeting Minutes. A discussion of club activities, events, and general business followed.

  • Driving – Adam reported that NER had a successful 2021 DE season with very good attendance and satisfied drivers. The Track Committee attributes this success to their focus on consistency. Each NER DE event follows the same process – as such, the participants know what to expect, and the events run smoothly and efficiently. The committee is working on scheduling for next year. Most of the dates are locked in, and contracts are underway.  If the border remains open, they expect that we will return to Canada in 2022.
  • Social – Lisa provided an update on the Gala that will be held at Gillette Stadium on January 8th. The deadline for registrations will be upon us soon.  The Gala won’t be our only winter activity. With input from Luis, we’ve got a long list of potential cold-weather events, including cars & coffee, tech sessions, karting, and Sim racing.  Volunteers to lead these events are sought.
  • Membership – Our PCA Northeast Region currently has 3,371 primary and affiliate members. As we’ve evolved with the digital age, email has become our main way of communicating with members. Yet, we do not have email addresses for every member. As such, we are not in contact with a portion of our membership.  Anker, Stan, and Luis have volunteered to analyze the data that we do have and develop a mailing list and reach out via a postcard to our email-less members.

The next NER board meeting is scheduled for December 8th at 6:00 PM on Zoom.

The Club’s monthly Board meetings are planned for the second Wednesday of each month and typically begin with a social period at 6:00 PM and the official Board meeting at 6:30 PM – although when it’s a Zoom meeting, the social piece is brief and the meeting begins shortly after 6:00 PM.

Club members may attend any of the monthly Board meetings.  Please contact the Club Secretary ([email protected]) in advance of the meeting to confirm your attendance and the meeting time and place.