Article II Thoughts

Seven years ago when I moved back to Massachusetts from the D.C. area and switched my PCA membership to the New England Region, I never anticipated what the following seven years would entail. I made it to a few auto-x’s, attended loads of cars and coffees, started doing DE, served on the NER board as Treasurer, then VP Admin and now as the new President. Through all of that fun car stuff though, the best part has been the people I have met. People who have helped answer questions about my different board roles, instructors who answered questions/ offered tips and critiques about my driving and car set up, the few hardy souls who have ridden shotgun in my car at DE events, they have all proven true the mantra “it’s not the cars, it’s the people”.

As we move steadily into 2022 and closer to the “driving months” and as the various lingering elements of the pandemic hopefully retreat into our rearview mirrors, I am eagerly looking forward to where we go as a club.  Both in terms of “recovering” from how we have had to do things for the last two years and also how we can improve or expand the club in general.  PCA is an ever growing and increasingly diverse group of people and cars. One of the big ongoing questions the NER board faces is how do we keep our activities relevant to this evolving environment? We need to constantly be thinking about this along with a host of other items surrounding our existing club needs.  The board is comprised of a great group of people who I know will do an exceptional job, but at the end of the day we are finite and fallible human beings. Every club member should feel 100% welcome at any time to offer suggestions, recommendations, etc regarding the club. It is an open line between you and the board.  The more communication and feedback we receive the better we can do our jobs. 

Here is to having an excellent 2022!

-Robert Jacobsen, NER President