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Monte-Carlo 911 of 1966

Word On The Street – June ’17

Zen and the Art of Auto Detailing - by Glenn Champagne For those of us who seek an inner peace, a balance of yin and yang, in harmony with the natural and spiritual world, many practice yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, or martial arts such as Aikido and Hapkido.... Read More >>
nicholas hunziker gt3r-strassenversion-sketch-sa-2

When Art Imitates Car Life

Nicholas Hunziker, whose art you've surely seen in Panorama and maybe on my feet, is stepping into a tradition but also flipping it on it's head a bit. Instead of painting an "art car", he's instead going to bu... Read More >>
millionth 911

1,000,000th 911

It's hard to believe that Porsche has made over one million 911's since 1965. But take a look at the Irish Green - with houndstooth cloth - and proper manual transmission - that is the millionth. Tasteful, unde... Read More >>
porsche gt1 at gas station

GT1: Homologize This

There was once a time when "race car for the road" really meant something. The GT1 class in the mid-90's is when Porsche decided that taking a street car and modifying it for GT1 Class racing wasn't as efficien... Read More >>