Helmet Heads


Considering customizing your helmet? Great! There’s nothing that says more about you personally than your racing helmet. While you might be driving a full out race car covered with sponsor logos and graphics… or a sleeper of a daily driver that you thrash around the track on DE days… your helmet is where you can show your true colors.

Each helmet project begins with an idea of what this helmet is going to convey. It might be as simple as a business logo or a checkered flag. Or, it might be a tribute to a military past, a patriotic celebration, a favorite painter’s work, a matching car color, a family memorial or a simple design of color stripes. The key is that whatever it is, it means something to you.

The process is simple, really. You have to communicate what the concept of the helmet is… if there is one… to me. Some clients clip photos of other helmets and want modifications. Some do intricate drawings and some sketch on cocktail napkins! Some just want to talk about what they’ve been thinking about and visualizing for years. If you’re just looking for a pleasing design with specific colors, we can help with that, too. Once you communicate the concept then we begin the design process. I create digital sketches for you to consider and email them to you. You decide when we’ve hit on the right one. At that point, I give you a final price for the work, based on what we’ve designed together.

Next, the helmet is stripped of all its hardware, masked and sanded. Then the painting process begins and any logos or other graphics such as names and other information is applied. Once the painting is done, two coats of clearcoat are applied at the body shop with wet sanding in between coats. This protective finish will let you polish and buff out any incidental scratches that occur with use.

The real value of a custom painted helmet is the pleasure you’ll get, not just from wearing it at the track… but for years to come as a treasured part of your racing memorabilia. You’ll always display it proudly… at the track, among your trophies, model car collection… or in your office, just to remind yourself of what you’re working so hard for.

The helmets below represent some of the personal statements that I’ve helped design and complete for clients. If I can help you with your helmet project, please contact me by phone or email.

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